Pro-Formance® Trinity Shades SN2

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Thin Viscosity, 3-in-1 Base, Builder & Shine


  • Ultra strong Builder gel (DST - Diamond Strength Technology)
  • Self-leveling 
  • Gel with Built-in Bonding
  • Built-in High-Gloss Shine
  • Thin, non-runny viscosity 
  • Idea for full-sculptures and fills


    Trinity Shades® smooths and levels itself effortlessly - giving the ability to form nail extensions in a single step. Trinity combines the adhesion of a bonding gel, the strength of a hard building gel, and the high gloss shine of a top coat. Trinity Shades offer a range of a semi-opaque flesh tones that naturally blends, and enhances a wide range of skin-tones.

    Trinity Shades is Available In 3 Colour Ranges
    SC (Shades Cool)
    SN (Shades Natural)
    SW (Shades Warm)

       For professional use only.