About Akzentz

About Akzéntz Canada

Akzéntz Canada is an online exclusive distribution channel for the brand. A dedicated and branded experience for Akzentz lovers. With an automated Alberta-based warehouse, we are able to quickly and efficiently serve the entire country. The official Akzentz Canada website is operated by and is a division of the DK Beauty Group.


About the Akzéntz Brand

From the humble beginnings as a nail salon in the Canadian city of Vancouver - the founders of Akzéntz developed a unique odourless Acrylic system for use in their salon, at a time when when no others existed. Demand for this new unique product soared, and the founders of Akzéntz found themselves refocusing their mission on further refining and developing unique nail systems for the modern world and becoming a pioneering manufacturer. This refocusing lead to the introduction of a revolutionized Gel Sculpturing system that made a marked distinction from the early Gel systems - stronger, easier to use and odourless. 

30 Years On...

Akzéntz has earned a global reputation as a formidable force as an exclusively professional nail brand. Our innovative, and industry leading products are the outcome of decades of research. For over 30 years our formulations have inspired and supported the talents of nail technicians and nail artists around the globe, and allowed the Akzéntz brand to expand past our Canadian borders, now available through a network of educators and distributors across the globe.

A Future Based on Technology...

Akzéntz is proud to have an internal research and development team of chemists and chemical engineers, located right within the walls of our Vancouver production facility. Akzéntz products are proudly manufactured in Canada. The Akzéntz chemists strive for perfection when creating products - sourcing only the highest grade of raw ingredients locally from Canada, and imported from the USA and Europe.


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