About Akzentz


Akzéntz has earned a global reputation as a formidable force as an exclusively professional nail brand. Our innovative, and industry leading products are the outcome of decades of research. For over 30 years our formulations have inspired and supported the talents of nail technicians and nail artists around the globe, and allowed the Akzéntz brand to expand past our borders, now available through a network of educators and distributors across the world.


Akzéntz is proud to have an in-house research and development team of highly skilled chemists and chemical engineers. All of our gel products are manufactured from the ground up in Canada. The Akzéntz chemists take to heart our tagline when creating every product we produce - Nails Perfected - and accepting nothing short of the best. We source only the highest quality of raw cosmetic-grade ingredients exclusively from Canada, the USA and Europe.

Akzéntz nail products are designed to accent and enhance the beauty of natural nails. Non-damaging formulas that contain no solvents, or other drying and harmful ingredients commonly found in professional nail products.

We take pride that through our research and innovation we are able to offer products that are safer, and better for you and your environment. Akzéntz takes a unique and ethical approach, and considering not only the people who wear our products on their nails - but the technicians who work with our products day in and day out.