Options® Clear Building Gel

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A unique alternative nail enhancement that demonstrates the true beauty in nails.
Minimal filing is required and when used with Akzentz non-acid based primer, the natural nail is left undamaged. Perfect for clients with thin, flexible or damaged natural nails. Excellent for problem lifters, or clients with sensitives or allergies.

Easily removed by simply filing, or by using Akzentz specially formulated Soak Off Solutions for even faster removal.

• Completely clear, non-hazy
• Easy to use, self-levelling gel
• Built in high gloss shine
• Strong and flexible
• Ability to soak or file off
• A unique and durable alternative 
• Non-acid formula
• Safe option for clients with sensitives 

Deposit the product from your brush onto the centre of a prepped natural nail the nail.  Work within the top layer of the gel using soft, controlled motions. Smooth the gel into the desired shape and placement, and allow to self-level for a moment, if required, before curing. The centre of the nail plate should have the most product, to create a strong apex. When working next to the cuticle. ensure the gel is thin and blends seamlessly into the natural nail without touching surrounding skin, cuticle or creating a ridge or high point around the edge.
Cure 30 seconds in an LED lamp. 


  1. Wipe the nail plate with a Akzentz Gel Wipe saturated with Prep & Wipe.
  2. Apply an Akzentz Pro-Tab nail form if required.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Akzentz Affixit primer to the natural nails- allow to air dry 30-60 seconds. 
  4. Apply an Options© bonding gel - either Base or Opti-Bond - cure 30 seconds.
  5. Apply Options© Crystal Clear and sculpture the nail as desired.