ProFormance© Control Natural White Builder Gel 45g

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Featuring Diamond Strength Technology, Pro-Formance mimics acrylic-like strength.

Control is a self-leveling building gel that is LED curable in 30 seconds (or UV cure in 2 minutes). Ultra strong, easy to use, and FAST!

  • Ultra strong (DST - Diamond Strength Technology)
  • Self-leveling 
  • Easy-to-use, self-leveling consistency 
  • Thin, non-runny viscosity 
  • Soft, natural white colour

Use with Affixit (non-acid primer) and Pro-Formance Adhere (bonding gel). Finish with Pro-Formance Ultra Gloss or Shine On. For best results, ensure you pull "Adhere" (Clear, bonding gel) out onto the form, giving Control a clear layer underneath to ensure proper curing.