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UNIQUELY DIFFERENT Options Builder gels are a unique formula that gives you the option to file, or soak-off. This gel system is perfect for clients who wish to have a complete removal (great for one-time clients like brides, grads etc). Options Builder gels are flexible, and durable working with your clients lifestyle.

CRYSTAL CLEAR - A very unique, non-porous soak-off gel that is stain resistant and offers great strength through its flexibility. Crystal clear in colour. Thin viscosity, self levelling, making it easy to work with and idea for short to medium lengths, and perfect strength-overlays. Can also be used as a top-gloss for those who are prone to staining their enhancements (ie: hairstylists)

Tip from our ACE Educators: Options is a fabulous solution for that "problem lifter" client. Sometimes a clients natural nails may have flexibility, and using a very hard rigid gel will cause the enhancement to crack or lift as their natural nail flexes underneath - Options flexibility will work WITH the clients nails, resulting in a more durable enhancement, that will last weeks without issue.

• 100% Odour Free 

• 100% Pure Gel Formulation 

• Solvent Free & 3-Free 

• Made In Canada - From the highest grade of USA & European sourced ingredients

• Professional Product - no retail

• Traditional jar format 

• STRONG - Strength through flexibility

• Will not damage natural nails with correct application 


Odourless: Healthier for you and your environment

Natural: Leaves your nails looking and feeling natural

Durable: Made from innovative materials to offer superior strength

Diverse: Wide range of colours and products to suit your needs.


4g/0.14oz size